Welcome to ROVE!

Welcome to ROVE! We are a group of professional athletes and passionate adventurers with a goal to provide you access to the most incredible experiences available today. If you’re looking for a tour with one of your favourite athletes, we are here to help facilitate that.

ROVE started with an idea to connect people with athletes and unique experiences by creating a platform that easily helps you discover, attend, and share the world’s best tours. Every single tour on ROVE is carefully selected by a professional athlete or respected adventurer in their field. We are very proud of our tour operators and the outstanding service they provide.

Discover, book, and go for the ride of your life.

Our Story

How did we come to be? A message from our founder Mark Mathews

In 2017 a new friend and I were sitting around a campfire in Tibet, having the backcountry trip of our lives when we realized it was one of the most exciting things we could possibly do. With that, the idea of ROVE was born. Since that idea stirred up I have travelled all over the world, worked with multiple tour operators, and learned what makes the greatest experiences possible. It's important for us to love the things we do, it’s what keeps us alive. With ROVE we bring you the best experiences and activities out there, carefully handpicked by pro athletes and industry experts. Remember to be real and keep on loving life. The way it should be!

- Mark Mathews